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Note: This is only rough draft. It will be better soon, I promise! ^^'


Translyrics by JoyDreamer
Original Cover:

"You told me so many things...
Yet, you have no idea... That the words you said...
Killed me on the inside...
And now... Look what you turned me into."

Emotions I feel they turn to none
I broke, I broke, them one by one
The smile that I had through all these years
It bears, it bears, these hateful tears

The scars that I have I gulped although
They hurt, they hurt, but you won't know
And if it is true you should admit
You didn't notice it

Words you say that we can't see
They hit and they are killing me
You don't know how I feel inside
You don't know just how much I tried
Light that burned it's out by now
I try to get it back somehow
The "I" it slowly turned the "me" into what is "lies"

In case you won't come but run and flee
You know, you know, it's fine with me
But if you are here and chose to be real
All my wound, all my wounds, will not heal

It's always the same with me
So deep inside my heart you'll be
You're smiling and that's all I see
You know it's unforgivably
That it hurts is hard to say
'Cause you won't hear it anyway
The "I" it turns to "clown" on my behalf
You'll laugh and laugh

Right now I could just disappear
But it's a lie, it is a lie

Words you say that we can't see
They hit and they are killing me
You know it's unforgivably
Also is this type of me
But if you think that this is fine
Then please come kill me don't decline
'Cause "I" it slowly turned the "me" into what is "lies"
Only "lies"


released May 22, 2014




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